'Scots Pine' Harness

'Scots Pine' Harness
'Scots Pine' Harness
'Scots Pine' Harness
'Scots Pine' Harness
'Scots Pine' Harness
The pretty pine needle green of this wonderful tweed just works perfectly with so many of our collars! 

We love this harness with our 'Isle of Harris', 'Shamrock' and 'The Highlands' collars!
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Skye Yarrow - Yorkshire, UK

Incredible Quality!

We bought this product for our sight hound after having purchased many harnesses in the past. If you're not familiar, sight hounds have very odd shaped bodies, quite deep chested and broad but then a skinny mid-section (waist), we found this product to be highly adjustable (at 5 different places on her body) and so we got an excellent fit. Something we had never achieved with a harness before. We spoke to the owner on Instagram for quite a while before we bought this harness and she was so helpful. I felt confident that if it didn't fit that we could have returned it, but that was not necessary. The product comes in gorgeous packaging and I was just thrilled. Great product, very nice company to deal with.

Why Use a Harness?
We get asked this all the time!  We started producing our super comfy harnesses because they eliminate the risk of neck and spinal injuries that can occur when trying to control your dog on a collar alone. 

While collars are excellent for identification, we believe that harnesses are much better for helping you to keep control of your dog when you're both out and about. 

All of our harnesses are super easy and fast to put on and have been carefully designed so as to allow your dog full and free movement (no leg or shoulder restrictions!) 

So, just clip your dog's lead to the metal D ring and off you go!
All of our harnesses are made from 100% Harris Tweed that is hand cut, pieced together and then expertly hand-sewn from our own unique patterns and designs. 

We use an ultra-strong internal nylon webbing core and then fit a luxurious panel of black velvet inside the harness to ensure maximum comfort and no irritation on your dogs skin or pulling of fur. 

Our harnesses feature 2 side buckles are beautifully engraved with our ‘Marley Moo’ signature logo, patented, and strength tested to 120kg.

We only use 100% Scottish Harris Tweeds (which we source ourselves personally, from the tweed mills of the Scottish Outer Hebrides).  To be sure of the authenticity of our  products, they all come attached with the official Harris Tweed Authority (hologram) swing tags so you are 100% confident of the origin of your tweed.  
Beautiful Presentation
We pride ourselves on presentation, so every single purchase is supplied in a pretty Marley Moo gift box, so whether you’re buying for your own pups or sending one of our products (or sets) to a loved one, you can be sure it will arrive beautifully presented.
Why Harris Tweed?
For centuries, Harris Tweed has been made from 100% virgin wool, hand dyed and hand spun in the Scottish Outer Hebrides by native islanders in their homes (these procedures have been codified by UK law in the Harris Tweed Act 1993). 

Harris Tweed cannot be made using any form of electricity or modern power and the industry remains today, producing tweeds in exactly the same hand-woven way it has been for centuries.  

We are truely proud to be creating our products using materials produced from this remarkable ancient industry.
To work out which harness size is best, take a measuring tape and loosely wrap it around your dogs neck (be careful not to be too tight) and note the measurement.   

Then take the tape and wrap it around his chest (girth) then use the information below. 

If you don't have a measuring tape, you could simply take a piece of ribbon/strong and do the above, then measure the length of ribbon with a ruler.

Please note the breed examples are just ideas of which dogs fit which sizes, please don't use it as a substitute for measuring your dogs neck and chest though. 

Small - fits a chest/girth 36cm-46cm (14-18 inches) and lower neck between 26-36cm (10-14 inches)
Width of harness - 1 inch or 3cm

Breed Examples - Chihuahua, Jack Russells, Mini Dachshund and Small Terriers

Medium - fits a chest/girth 40cm-65cm (16-25 inches) and lower neck between 30-45cm (10-18 inches) 
Width of harness - 1.5 inch or 4cm

Breed Examples - Cocker Spaniel, Poodle Standard, Corgi

Large - fits a chest/girth between 65-90cm (25-35 inches) and lower neck between 40-60cm (16-13 inches) 
Width of harness - 1.5 inches or 4cm

Breed Examples - Labrador, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Dalmation
Care Instructions
For mucky pups, please don't worry - Harris Tweed is an extremely hard-wearing fabric and all of our products are treated with a special water and stain resistant coating so should need very little attention (save a brushing off of any mud with an old toothbrush or a sponge clean if your dog is like ours). 

All of our products come with a beautifully designed and very detailed 'Care Instructions' swing tag that can be retained for your future reference.