About Us

Combining our love of Scotland and our beautiful (white) golden retriever, Marley, we decided to start making our own doggy collars, leads and harnesses out of beautiful hard-wearing (and washable) Scottish Harris Tweed. 

We are very proud to be supporting an industry that is over a century old and still maintains the traditional methods of hand weaving tweed cloth (only produced in the Outer Hebridean islands of Scotland).

Marley Moo  

(Head of Product Testing)

Hi, my name is Marley, you’ve probably realised by now that I’m a golden retriever.  I don’t know about you, but I love being a golden because everywhere I go, people want to cuddle me and tell me how beautiful I am.  I bet that happens to you a lot too.  I don’t mind, I never get tired of hearing it and I have really big ears too, my mum calls them “listeners”…

Marley! Put your listeners on!
Marley, are your listeners even working!?
Marley! I know you can hear me!
I don’t always listen to my mum, it’s fair to say. She tries to make regular helpful suggestions to not jump into every muddy puddle, or lake, or stagnant reeking pond, or pile of deer poo but I just pretend my listeners aren’t working again and get on with it anyway.   
My mum used to work in a bank, but she now makes doggy collars and I test them out for her.

The Impostor (aka Dave)


Dave is a really nice man, he lives with us.  I call him ‘The Impostor’ and you can too.  Whenever he tries to hold mum’s hand, there I am!  Want to hug mum?  I’m in the middle!  Sit next to mum on the couch?  I’m watching you.   Dave loves Scotland and when he’s not doing whatever it is he does at work, he’s climbing mountains in Scotland.  

My Mum (aka Nicole) … in her own words …


I remember the first moment I met Marley, the only white retriever in a big litter of extremely boisterous cream coloured goldens.  I’ll never forget being set upon by a deluge of overweight fluffy goldens climbing all over me and barking as best they could manage.  Well, gradually, those tubby goldens calmed down and ambled off to the next exciting thing when I see one puppy just standing there alone, just staring at me.  He was utterly striking because of his beautiful and unusual white coat.  I’d never seen a ‘white’ golden before.  So, after the last puppy left, Marley slowly wandered over to me and climbed into my lap. I knew he was mine.  
My beautiful boy is now 3 years old and who would have known that tiny, shy white retriever would grow into the most hilarious, fun loving and mad retriever known to man.   Who would have also known that during 3 those years I would go on to replace about 4 billion trashed collars.

Maybe it was time to make our own ….